El asesor especial del presidente de Corea del Sur asegura que EE.UU. “no podrá obligar” a Seúl a no levantar las sanciones impuestas contra Corea del Norte. 51 more words

via Corea del Sur amenaza a EE.UU con quitar sanciones contra Corea del Norte. —


US plan to prevent fall of last terrorist nest in Syria, no concern for civilians

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US plan to prevent fall of last terrorist nest in Syria, no concern for civilians – Russian UN envoy

Washington and its allies pursue their geopolitical interests under the guise of humanitarian concerns as they apparently try to prevent the destruction of the last terrorist enclave in Syria, the Russian envoy to the UN said.

The US and its allies have done virtually nothing to contribute to the real peace process in Idlib, the Russian ambassador to the UN, Vassily Nebenzia said, adding that the US particularly did not deliver on its promise to separate the “moderate opposition” groups from the terrorist organizations.

“Instead, [they] are hatching yet another aggressive plan, which includes false flag attacks involving the use of chemical weapons,” the envoy said.

The Western states apparently “go out of their way to prevent the fall of…

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Blessed Mary, Ever-Virgin

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Many Protestants, in an unhistorical and unbiblical manner, try to prove that Mary, the Mother of God, had other children after Jesus. This argument is most certainly unhistorical, as the Early Christians (otherwise known as first Catholics), believed the same doctrine as the Roman Catholic Church of today does: that Mary was perpetually a virgin, and Jesus Christ was her only child.

The  Protoevangelium of James, a document written what is to be considered roughly 60 years after the conclusion of Mary’s earthly life, near 120 AD, contends for Mary’s virginity. From reading the Protoevangelium, one can conclude that it was believed that Mary had professed a vow of virginity.

“And Annas the scribe came to him [Joseph] . . . and saw that Mary was with child. And he ran away to the priest and said to him, ‘Joseph, whom you did vouch for, has committed…

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The Dark Ages: A Historical Misnomer

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The time in history between the collapse of the Roman Empire and the Renaissance (usually interpreted as the period between the 5th and 15th century) is referred to by many as the “Dark” Ages. This period of time is often thought to be an age of ignorance in Europe, a time only ended by the “enlightenment” of the Italian Renaissance. The Renaissance, the praised period of progress and free-thinking, is viewed to be far superior to the time of the Dark Ages.

The people of the Dark Ages are treated as if they were cave men; slow minded and stupid. The time period is thought to be a period of intense ignorance and utter gloom. It was only after the era of the Renaissance that man’s eyes were opened, and he was enlightened. The point that I wish to make is that the “Dark” Ages were not as dark as…

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Louis IX: King, Crusader, and Saint

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Voltaire, sworn enemy of Catholicism, who had once ranted: “Ecrasons l’infame!” (“Let us crush the Infamous One!” – meaning the Catholic religion) wrote these honest words describing King Louis IX:

Louis IX appeared to be a prince destined to reform Europe, if she could have been reformed, to render France triumphant and civilized, and to be in all things a pattern for men. His piety, which was that of an anchorite, did not deprive him of any kingly virtue. A profound policy was combined with strict justice and he is perhaps the only sovereign who is entitled to this praise; prudent and firm in counsel, intrepid without rashness in his wars, he was as compassionate as if he had always been unhappy. No man could have carried virtue further.”

Louis IX, St. Louis, was not an egalitarian. Yet no one could have cared more for the poor…

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Cultivos transgénicos con glifosato: ¡grandes costos!

Espacio Estatal en Defensa del Maíz Nativo de Oaxaca

Por Emmanuel González-Ortega* y Elena R. Álvarez-Buylla**

Fuente: La jornada 10 de abril de 2018

El uso del herbicida glifosato ha aumentado exponencialmente a partir de la liberación comercial de los cultivos genéticamente modificados en 1996. En 2016 se contabilizaban 86.5 millones de hectáreas sembradas con transgénicos tolerantes a herbicidas. La liberación y proliferación mundial de los cultivos transgénicos se deben al poder económico y a las fuertes y tramposas campañas mediáticas de las corporaciones productoras y comercializadoras de estos cultivos: prometieron aumentar rendimientos, abatir el hambre en el mundo y disminuir el uso de tóxicos. Después de casi 30 años de las primeras liberaciones de estos cultivos, todas estas falsas promesas han quedado claramente desmentidas.

A la par, se han ido corroborando riesgos y peligros advertidos: persistencia de los agroquímicos asociados a los cultivos transgénicos en el ambiente (agua y suelos) y en los cuerpos de las personas, la no…

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