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Jesus is , Star Brilliant Treasure

Star Brilliant Treasure
Magi following
The brilliant star found
such tenderness ; such power.
May your word always be sung
as the mountains echo with joy
in the realm of a beautiful sunrise
shining down from on high
on the path
to the way , the truth and the life Shalom aleichem , As-Salāmu `Alaykum
Merry Christmas in deed
Jesus is

by Jerry F. Vierling


la Inmaculada Maria de Guadalupe

Nace una flor d amor y color

Dotada d Alborada

iluminando el amanecer


En el camino hermoso azaroso

llevando al tesoro en el atardecer

Que tiñe la sangre bautizando

con Espíritu Santo y fuego

para na ser

d agua y del espìritu


The Empire Files: U.S. School Trains Dictators

Source: The Empire Files: U.S. School Trains Dictators


Mother Mary Immaculate

Mother Mary

A flower born of love and color

bearing dawn

enlightening the waking day


on the adventurous path

to the treasure

at the setting sun

tinted in baptizing blood

by the Holy Spirit and fire

of water and the Spirit borne


Gerardo Fco Vierling H


Alabado sea Jesucristo

Para la mayor Gloria de Dios