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#CentralBanking #Putin’s Biggest Failure: Not Cleaning House!

Vladymir make your move

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Putin’s Biggest Failure: Not Cleaning House The SakerThe Unz Review, RUSSIA INSIDER, Mon, Jan 25, 2016.

Fifth columnists still highly placed in the Russian government represent threats to the country’s security, argues The Saker. 

Whatever happens in the future, Putin has already secured his place in history as one of the greatest Russian leaders ever. Not only did he succeed in literally resurrecting Russia as a country, but in a little over a decade he brought her back as a world power capable of successfully challenging the AngloZionist Empire. The Russian people have clearly recognized this feat and, according to numerous polls, they are giving him an amazing 90% support rate. And yet, there is one crucial problem which Putin has failed to tackle: the real reason behind the apparent inability of the Kremlin to meaningfully reform the Russian economy.

As I have described it in the…

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