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Noam Chomsky’s America is my America

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Chomsky (2)The minimum wage should be $20 an hour, ‘neoliberalism is tyranny’ and the Republican Party is ‘dedicated to destroying human life,’” renowned academic and activist Noam Chomsky told RT in an extended interview.

Noam Chomsky has been one of my heroes for many years. When I say ‘one of my heroes,’ that number is a very small handful. I don’t believe that celebrities or athletes should be heroes; only men and women with strong principles, morals, and ideas to better the lives of all people deserve the ultimate form of respect.

We are headed toward a cliff and the worst cliff we are headed toward is due to market systems,the linguist and philosopher said.

Capitalism has failed the working class. For more than 20 years, Republicans have prioritized ‘profit before people.’ Professor Chomsky is 88 years old with the wisdom of many lifetimes. He is an…

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Santa Gertrudis la grande; oración

Nuestro Señor le dijo a Sta Gertrudis libra a almas del purgatorio.

fué extendida para incluir a nosotros ; pecadores vivos.


Padre Eterno yo, te ofrezco la preciosísima sangre de

Tu Divino Hijo Jesús,

En unión con las misas celebradas hoy día a través del mundo

Por todas las benditas almas del purgatorio,

Por todos los pecadores del mundo,

Por los pecadores de la iglesia universal y

Por aquellos en propia casa y dentro de mi familia.


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La causa de corrupción contra Lenin Moreno que Wikileaks expuso y terminó con la detención de Assange

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Más allá de que EEUU venía impulsando la detención del fundador de Wikileaks, Julian Assange, lo que aceleró la decisión del presidente ecuatoriano Lenin Moreno para quitarle el asilo diplomático fue la revelación de los “INA Papers”, la cuenta offshore en Panamá de la familia presidencial:

INA Investment
Balboa Bank Panamá.

En la trama de corrupción que rodea a dicha cuenta están involucrados además del presidente: su hermano, Edwin Moreno; su esposa, Rocío Gonzáles; sus hias, Irina, Cristina y Karina Moreno; el empresario Conto Patiño, su

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US plan to prevent fall of last terrorist nest in Syria, no concern for civilians

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US plan to prevent fall of last terrorist nest in Syria, no concern for civilians – Russian UN envoy

Washington and its allies pursue their geopolitical interests under the guise of humanitarian concerns as they apparently try to prevent the destruction of the last terrorist enclave in Syria, the Russian envoy to the UN said.

The US and its allies have done virtually nothing to contribute to the real peace process in Idlib, the Russian ambassador to the UN, Vassily Nebenzia said, adding that the US particularly did not deliver on its promise to separate the “moderate opposition” groups from the terrorist organizations.

“Instead, [they] are hatching yet another aggressive plan, which includes false flag attacks involving the use of chemical weapons,” the envoy said.

The Western states apparently “go out of their way to prevent the fall of…

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