Actually It’s About Ethics In Law Enforcement: Rioting Apologetics from the Pampered Left


Half a month later, the dust has settled, and Baltimore is rebuilding. The Internet fights have died down, and we can talk about things calmly and without pointing fingers. That is why now is the opportune time to let everyone know that people who defend rioting on this scale are fucking subhuman garbage and should kill themselves.

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Middle East Rising
14 February 2017

 Emergency Medical Warnings Issued

Standing Rock Trust issues *Emergency Medical Warning*:

By Ariyana Love
Chemical weapons expert, Dr. Gregory Ford, issued an official, chilling decree not to return to Standing Rock! The entire area has been turned into a “no go zone” due to four extremely dangerous chemical weapons which have been used and identified in water protectors medical lab results. The area must be decontaminated! 
The U.S. Government is carrying out chemical warfare against WE THE PEOPLE.
Time is of the essence. If victims wait too long to be treated, the deadly effects of this poison will be irreversible. This is the nature of chemical warfare. Once the poison reaches a certain point in it’s cycle, death is inevitable. 
Victim will die a painful and slow death through internal bleeding. Victims must receive immediate medical…

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The Anti-Empire Report: United States vs. ‘Russian devils’ 1917-2017 – By William Blum


The United States and the Russian devil: 1917-2017

Conservatives have had a very hard time getting over President Trump’s much-repeated response to Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly’s calling Russian president Vladimir Putin “a killer”. Replied Trump: “There are a lot of killers. We have a lot of killers. You think our country is so innocent?”

One could almost feel a bit sorry for O’Reilly as he struggled to regain his composure in the face of such blasphemy. Had any American establishment media star ever heard such a thought coming from the mouth of an American president? From someone on the radical left, yes, but from the president?

Senator John McCain on the floor of Congress, referring to Putin, tore into attempts to draw “moral equivalency between that butcher and thug and KGB colonel and the United States of America.”

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In India, kidney trafficking is big business. This week, the police arrested five top doctors from Mumbai’s elite Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital, including its…

via Top Indian hospitals are buying kidneys from poor villagers to sell to rich patients — Quartz


Birender Sangwan’s parents wanted him to be a doctor. For two years, Sangwan even prepared for the medical entrance examinations in India before finally giving up. “I was always scared of hospitals,” he said in an interview at his modest two-room office at New Delhi’s Rohini court complex. “I still get dizzy and feel like…

via A lawyer took on India’s profiteering hospitals to end the obscene overpricing of cardiac stents — Quartz


“The 6:43 a.m. Saturday conversations with baristas are the best conversations to have with baristas.” Writer Jeff Riley is a regular at his coffee shop, and his chats with the baristas go beyond the usual pleasantries.

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Putin honors war-criminal Henry Kissinger

Rehmat's World

Last week, Russian Academy of Science elected Dr. Henry Alfred Kissinger, 93, as its new foreign member in recognition of his services to bring the US and Soviet Union closure during the so-called Cold War.

In May 2016, the Pentagon presented its highest civilian award to Henry Kissinger.

The German-born former US secretary of state in the 1970s, and a Nobel laureate, Dr. Henry Kissinger, who has been called by several of his fellow American Jews, such as Christopher Hitchens, and Bernie Sander, a war criminal.

Kissinger is a close friend of Russian president Vladimir Putin. Kissinger met Putin over half a dozen times – lately in Moscow in February 2016.

Henry Kissinger is a senior member of two powerful pro-Israel think tanks, the Center for Strategic and International Studied (CSIS), and Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Both blessed Iraq and Libya wars for Israel. For the last four years both have been campaigning…

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Leaked Soros Memo Exposes Obama’s Secret TPP Negotiations; Hillary “Flip-Flopping”, by Tyler Durden



The WikiLeaks emails have been an eye-opener. In a better world the organization would get some sort of public service award, and its leader wouldn’t be holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London. From Tyler Durden at

In addition to providing a glimpse into the internal, and often confrontational, dialogue that took place within the Clinton campaign on topics ranging from Hillary’s email server, to coordination and collusion with the media, to the planning how to attack Bernie Sanders, to the fascinating strife and conflicts of interest within the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative, the Podesta leaks have also been instrumental in providing the public with insight into Hillary’s flip-flopping views on the TPP. Indeed, as the WSJ put it recently, a running question through the presidential race has been whether Hillary Clinton is…

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Al Sharpton Rips Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump for Ignoring Haiti During Debate — Observer

Al Sharpton and Jumaane Williams raged against lack of attention to Caribbean victims of Hurricane Matthew—and demanded an end to deportation of Haitians.

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