Louis IX: King, Crusader, and Saint

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Voltaire, sworn enemy of Catholicism, who had once ranted: “Ecrasons l’infame!” (“Let us crush the Infamous One!” – meaning the Catholic religion) wrote these honest words describing King Louis IX:

Louis IX appeared to be a prince destined to reform Europe, if she could have been reformed, to render France triumphant and civilized, and to be in all things a pattern for men. His piety, which was that of an anchorite, did not deprive him of any kingly virtue. A profound policy was combined with strict justice and he is perhaps the only sovereign who is entitled to this praise; prudent and firm in counsel, intrepid without rashness in his wars, he was as compassionate as if he had always been unhappy. No man could have carried virtue further.”

Louis IX, St. Louis, was not an egalitarian. Yet no one could have cared more for the poor…

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Cultivos transgénicos con glifosato: ¡grandes costos!

Espacio Estatal en Defensa del Maíz Nativo de Oaxaca

Por Emmanuel González-Ortega* y Elena R. Álvarez-Buylla**

Fuente: La jornada 10 de abril de 2018

El uso del herbicida glifosato ha aumentado exponencialmente a partir de la liberación comercial de los cultivos genéticamente modificados en 1996. En 2016 se contabilizaban 86.5 millones de hectáreas sembradas con transgénicos tolerantes a herbicidas. La liberación y proliferación mundial de los cultivos transgénicos se deben al poder económico y a las fuertes y tramposas campañas mediáticas de las corporaciones productoras y comercializadoras de estos cultivos: prometieron aumentar rendimientos, abatir el hambre en el mundo y disminuir el uso de tóxicos. Después de casi 30 años de las primeras liberaciones de estos cultivos, todas estas falsas promesas han quedado claramente desmentidas.

A la par, se han ido corroborando riesgos y peligros advertidos: persistencia de los agroquímicos asociados a los cultivos transgénicos en el ambiente (agua y suelos) y en los cuerpos de las personas, la no…

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18, 000 Syrian Children have had their Organs Harvested Over the Last 6 Years

evil US and European backed devils

Friends of Syria

Reports from the Director-General of the Syrian Coroner’s Office affirm that thousands of Syrian children have had their organs harvested since 2011.

Turkish refugee camps on the border with Syria are identified as prime locations where organ harvesting has been, and is, occurring. Director-General Hossein Noufel recently made the disclosure though United Nation officials have not officially confirmed the findings.

“We have accurate information that over 25,000 surgical operations have been conducted in the refugee camps of the neighbouring countries and in the terrorist-controlled areas in Syria since 2011 to take out the body organs of 18,000 Syrians and sell them in the international black markets.” – Dr. Noufel

Previously, refugees have recounted horror stories about the dire situation inside some of the refugee camps, however the morbid practice is not limited to camps as there are claims organ harvesting is occurring in Urban centres as well.

Speaking to ARA…

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US-backed Saudi Airstrikes in Yemen Kill 120 Civilians in One Night

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Saudi war planes killed at least 120 civilians in a series of airstrikes in the city of Taiz late Friday night. The strikes destroyed buildings that were serving as workers’ quarters as well as a nearby agricultural facility.

The attack was only the latest instance of mass killing of civilians in the bombing campaign waged by the Saudi-led, US-backed coalition that began in March.

Despite claims from Riyadh that such events are accidental, a growing body of evidence shows that the Saudi air campaign is systematically targeting civilian areas. The war is aimed at terrorizing the Yemeni masses into opposing the Houthi takeover and acceding to the restoration of US-Saudi control over the country through the re-imposition of the puppet government led by President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi.

The mass slaughter of civilians has become “the new trend now of the air strikes from the coalition,” a representative from Doctors…

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Analyzing analysis of Devin Kelley: “Those stupid Christians deserve to get shot praying to a God who cannot save” — ARISE! LET US BE GOING!

The main stream media has been assisting terrorists by flooding the news with what they consider to be a viable rationalization for slaughtering innocent men, women, children, infants and sucklings at the breast, namely, that they deserve everything they get for praying to God who cannot, who will not save them from such a death. […]

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International Institute for Strategic Studies a CFR/RIIA Psycho-Political Operations Tool

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Snowden photo 2

The International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS was founded in 1958), at the height of the Cold War. It is now the pre-eminent British think-tank peddling the “new NATO” doctrine, and pressing for the United States to accept the role of “policeman of the world.”

In 1958 the Royal Institute of International Affairs (aka Chathamhouse) founded the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS). Many members on the board of directors were RIIA members and members of its U.S. Sister organization the Council on Foreign Relations. It has become the pre-eminent British think-tank peddling the “new NATO” doctrine, and pressing for the United States to accept the role of “policeman of the world.”

The Council on Foreign Relations was formally established in Paris in 1919 along with its British Counterpart the Royal Institute of International Affairs. The Council on Foreign Relations and Royal Institute of International Affairs can trace their…

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